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Upcoming Events!

Next Sunday, we will be walking for out of the darkness, Suicide awareness and prevention

Friday-Sunday (sept. 30-Oct. 2) we will have our Spencer Strong Booth at ValleyCon Holiday Inn-Fargo

Saturday, Oct. 15 from 10-4, out booth will be set up at The Exotic Pets Expo at the Red River Valley Fair, Butler Building

I have harvested all of my own veggies to make my salsa. I make 4 kinds. Mild. Medium. Hot. And Sweet Heat. I have finished about a hundred jars so far. We will be selling them at all of our upcoming events, with proceeds benefitting AFSP!

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Weather.... we have been watching the weather for Sunday. It looks like if we do get some bad weather, it will be much later, so as of now.... it's all still a go. Can't wait!!


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