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Memorial Day

Hi y’all. I hope you find so much love and peace tomorrow as you visit your loved ones final resting place. What are you doing to honor loved ones lost?

I was planning on meeting Spencer's loved ones at the Christine cemetery tomorrow, but we’re getting bad weather tomorrow, so I’m postponing a week.

If you wish to join us in honoring Spencers life, please join us. I want to plant flowers, while the sun is beating on my skin. We will be out there around 2:30 next Sunday.

I was asked if I wanted to provide food at a huge indoor rummage sale June 16, 17 & 18th. 100% of the food proceeds will go to Spencer Strong Out of the Darkness Walk benefitting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Awareness. We have raised over $4,000 this year so far. Let’s keep it going. I’ll update with details as they become available.

Much love to you all! Andrea & Jason Alm

#Spencer Strong

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Next Sunday, we will be walking for out of the darkness, Suicide awareness and prevention Friday-Sunday (sept. 30-Oct. 2) we will have our Spencer Strong Booth at ValleyCon Holiday Inn-Fargo Saturday,

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