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Chili Cook-Off News


I'm getting so excited to try all these chili's. So far, we have 10 chili's registered! Im working on an all firemen panel of judges, cuz we all know.... Firemen know their chili!

We have a large silent auction brewing too!

If you like/follow Spencer Strong on Facebook, I'll be posting pictures of the silent auction items as it gets closer to the cook off.

Teaser....Autographed Vikings Danielle Hunter football

.... Hotels .... Pizzas .... Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

.... restaurants .... Breweries

.... Kids Party collections .... Golf/Sports

And SO much more!!

There is still plenty of time to register your chili. Great prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, and the Peoples Choice prize

*registration is free, just go to

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Weather.... we have been watching the weather for Sunday. It looks like if we do get some bad weather, it will be much later, so as of now.... it's all still a go. Can't wait!!


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